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like the call, but melo very happy that he picked up that one because jim boeheim was getting ready to read him the old riot act, why he passed it, but look downtown. waiters going deep. nice answer by him. >> ian: fourth foul by russ smith. the foul given. that's it. just over a minute to play. syracuse up by 13 with two free throws coming. the orange in the double bonus and rick pitino coaching up russ smith but also giving him a piece of his mind on that last sequence. eight points, 0-6 from three-point range for smith. the tournament profile for syracuse. they will move to 30-1. 17-1 in the big east. and the only loss coming at
6:01 pm
notre dame. irk i'm not sure, ian, if jim boeheim would sleep in a little yesterday. it's hard to believe when you're 30-1 that you're not playing as well as you should be, but i think the last few games of the regular season is what really primes the pump for the tournament. they could go to new york and lose and really not affect their approach to the ncaa. nice focus right here. >> ian: standing ovation. senior kris joseph. his final game here at the carrier dome. scoop jardine remains in there. joseph wraps it up. 58-44.
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triche will pick up the personal foul. and this is a nice gesture. brandon reese, a senior, will check in, replacing scoop jardine. five years as a part of this syracuse program, and jardine has really become a fan favorite here in central new york, and there is a nice opportunity. smith lines up a three. short. down to 40 seconds left. , i don't know where louisville will fit in for the ncaa tournament, where their seed will be. it's a big mission try right now where the committee views louisville the way they've played down the stretch of the regular season. >> ian: a four-second give remember scial, shot clock to
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game clock. reese against siva. reese makes his move. kicked out. southerland couldn't grab it. kuric comes the other way. christmas. it's good and a foul on melo. >> jim: fab melo upset for not letting him go by and score the bucket. >> jim: nice little bounce pass and, you're right, lay back, but the instincts are to go after it. it may not matter right now, flu are times you have to make better decisions. but you're right about louisville, ian, when you think about it. they've lost four of their last six counting this one right here. obviously struggling going in the wrong direction coming down the stretch. >> ian: final seconds here at the carrier dome. reese denied by dieng. they're not going to give him a senior swan song that easily.
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2.8 on the clock. >> jim: here it goes, hire it goes. >> ian: a three. no good. >> jim: this dome would have come down. >> ian: an impressive capper on the best regular season in syracuse basketball history. the orange 58, louisville 49. syracuse 30-1 this season. tonight on cbs begins with "csi: new york" and then "csi" and "48 hours mystery." so long from syracuse, 58-49, the orange over the cardinals. this has been a presentation of cbs sports. on the road to the final four. o. where were you? uh, i was just in the car. oh, the car. what's that on your collar? hmm? oh -- tie. [ chuckles ] [ chuckles ] why do you seem happy? i'm not. come here. okay. [ inhales deeply ] mint. wow. i had a shamrock shake. i hate you.
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it was a big bad roar that come through. it come right straight down to the ground and all the debris was just going in circles. >> there's a search for survivors after a violent wave of storms flattens communities across the midwest and south. le hello, everyone, i'm bruce johnson. emergency crews are combing through devastated homes and neighborhoods, searching for tornado survivors and bodies tonight. at least 38 people are dead, hundreds more are injured, including a baby girl found alone in a field 10 miles from her home. susan mcguiness begins our coverage in the small town of henryville, indiana where residents are trying to recover. reporter: wayne jones is sifting through what's left of his henryville, indiana home. >> up here in the tree is the
6:09 pm
brains of the mobile home. reporter: a tornado demolished this town, sending a school bus into a building, dropping a tractor-trailer on a gas station and sheering the walls off of homes. terry kirk went to inspect the convenience store where she used to work. >> i don't see any possible way anybody could have survived in this. reporter: the tornado that came through henryville moved with such force it blew the back wall off of the high school gym here. devastation like this stretches across the midwest and south. a shot from the air shows the storm's path through kentucky. in the town of west liberty, the national guard joined state police searching for survivors. residents who got out alive aren't allowed to go home yet. >> the area has been declared as martial law and we're asking everybody to stay out. as you can see, it's a very dangerous area. reporter: in ohio, a twister tore up the town of moscow. and at least one person died in alabama where the first storms started friday morning. back in henryville, wayne jones is trying to stay positive.
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>> i have insurance that covers everything. i'll just pay everything off and start over. reporter: jones will have to start with finding a new place to live. susan mcbegin es, cbs news, henryville, indiana. a small town in kentucky got clobbered by one of the tornadoes. search and rescue teams, including the national guard are now going door to door. jim spillman reports on that difficult search. reporter: this is west liberty, kentucky, hit hard by friday night's tornadoes. this is the mobile command center they've set up here. this town is on lockdown now as they focus on search and rescue. this is why they need the command center, this until last night, friday night, was the police department. this right here is a police car that was flipped on its side. you can just see here this destruction as this tornado tore through here. it was friday night right around dusk, around 7:00 when this tornado came through. some buildings like this one completely leveled and you can just see piles of bricks. you can see here this spray paint here from agencies that
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have been searching, establishing that there's nobody trapped in here. that's really the focus right now is search and rescue here. and it's painstaking work to have to go from building to building and dig through all the crevices and voids. the state police here tell us with communications down, cell phone towers down, very hard to establish cell phone connections or any kind of internet connections. it's hard to know exactly who still may be stuck here. they have to do these house-by- house, building-by building searches. some houses are better. over here on the other side of the street, you'll see the courthouse. this was sort of town center right here on main street. it's just really devastating that this tornado went right through the heart of this small town here in kentucky, really the worst possible path for such a destructive storm. >> right now let's go to annie in the weather center.
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annie, we understand friday tornado outbreak could have been a record. >> yeah, bruce, especially for the ohio and tennessee valleys. let's take a look at the potential that this could have been the most tornadoes we've seen as far as a tornado outbreak. now, the current record stands at 74 tornadoes. that was back on march 11th through the 13th in 2006. now, as of this morning with the latest outbreak, we've had 95 reports of tornadoes from 10 states from mississippi all the way stretching to ohio. now, tornado reports are expected to go down as they'll be consolidated after damage surveys are done. now, here is a look at the midwest where you see some of the areas and the doppler radar here where things are much quieter. a dip in the jet stream is actually bringing in some cooler air into parts of the midwest. in fact, the ohio valley could also see some snow. but we're looking at no severe weather for those areas impacted by those deadly tornadoes. so cleanup should be able to continue without any major problems. we'll talk about our forecast
6:13 pm
and the chance for some snow coming into our area a little bit later. bruce, back to you. >> annie, thanks a lot. right now let's go back to henryville, indiana, where susan mcguiness is standing by live. she says a massive search is under way right now. susan, what can you tell us? reporter: hi, bruce. search and rescue is still under way, we've seen a lot of folks here from the military, from the police and search and rescue, fire people with dogs, fanning out around this area. they have these postage stamp areas that they need to search and they are very, very optimistic, there have been some really unfortunate, several people have ended up dead, many injured, but they are very optimistic they have found all the injuries and deaths they are going to find. they have not found anything in many hours. that is the deal so far with search and rescue. but, bruce, you would not believe what some of the damage here looks like. you can see behind me this bus that was thrown into the middle of a restaurant. that is the force of this tornado. i mean, you can imagine some of the damage. it's really quite amazing there
6:14 pm
were not more injuries. >> absolutely. susan mcguiness reporting live for us from henryville, indiana. susan, thanks a lot for that report. we're going to take a break and come right back. stay with us.
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few people outside d.c. business and politics will know the name jeffrey thompson. he's raised big money for most of the city's mayors and councilmembers, even some democrats. last night the fbi and irs raided thompson's home in northwest washington. people close to him now believe he's under investigation because federal prosecutors want to know if all those dollars geared to local campaigns were legal. armando truell has been collecting reaction today. he talked to the mayor. reporter: jeffrey thompson has been very good to district politicians according to published reports. thompson, as many companies employees' associates and contractors have contributed over $730,000 in the past 10
6:17 pm
years alone. at-large councilmember vince orange $100. mayor vince gray $90,000, council chair kwame brown $33,000. just about every sitting member of the council, except for tommy wells has gotten a thompson-connected check. has thompson or any other contributed to your campaign in any way? >> he did a long time ago, i don't think recently. >> he's been involved in campaigns longer than i've been a politician. reporter: the district has been very good to thompson. his companies have made very millions of dollars in city contracts. the biggest a $320 million a year deal to provide medicare- managed care. that company had to pay the district $12 million after the city sued it for fraud. the company admitted to wrog and the settlement -- wrongdoing and the city contract was renewed. last night the fbi and irs raided thompson's northwest home and his d.c. chartered health plan offices.
6:18 pm
the feds say it's part of an ongoing investigation. no one else is saying much. did he contribute to your campaign? >> i hold my comment until we learn more about it, okay? reporter: everybody is talking about this, just the whole how it looks to have someone who's been involved in d.c. politics for such a long time raising money and now he's being raided. what can you at least say to the people, to the constituents? >> i say thank you. reporter: all the political contributions connected to thompson that were cited in the city paper report are legal and no one has been arrested or charged as a result of last night's raid. in northwest,ar mando, truell, 9 news now. >> jeffrey thompson has been unavailable for comment. sources tell 9 news now that he's hired the law firm of williams and conoly to represent him. we continue to work this story. we expect to have an update tonight at 11:00. we'll be back in a minute with an update on your forecast. stay with us.
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, great weather out there today. >> after the showers and thunderstorms cleared out early this morning, we did see some sun, and, yeah, getting us into the 60s. so not too many complaints i think to start off the weekend, bruce. we did see a pretty nice day. the highs topping out at 63 degrees. so not bad. average high being in the low 50s. here's a live look at the beautiful white house tonight under clear skies right now. temperatures 58 and we do see some clouds moving in, the winds are out of the southwest at seven miles per hour. so winds have already begun to diminish. right now in manassas 57. gaithersburg down to the mid- 50s. annapolis still at 59 degrees and 50 up north in hagerstown. here's a look at some of the showers that went through, most of it to the south and east of us. right now, though, we are seeing high pressure build back in and we're going to see partly to mostly cloudy skies for tonight. then we do see some changes coming this way. more winter-like weather coming this way. colder tonight, so you will need your coats if you're going out for dinner. breezy and colder for your
6:21 pm
sunday. this is snow showers that are possible, especially by your early monday morning. heeferhere's a look at the 9 futurecast. tonight we're not worried about snow or rain. it will be colder. so be prepared for that. maybe bring out the scarves as well. tomorrow morning cloudy conditions, maybe a couple of showers out as far south and east of us, maybe in the pax river in southern maryland. overall it will be a dry sunday. sunday evening looking at some partial clearing conditions for your sunday and we'll still also see some breezy conditions. now, overnight sunday into monday is a chance where we could see some flurries around d.c. and also some snow showers by early monday morning. here it is at 7:00. now, we're talking some light snow showers, nothing really intense, right around d.c. and points south, manassas, fredricksburg, pax river. right now the models are saying fredricksburg, pax river, you may get half an inch of snow, not a whole lot. otherwise some passing flurries
6:22 pm
in the beltway area. once that goes through, by the afternoon on monday, we should be back to partly cloudy conditions. so for tonight partly to mostly cloudy and colder. a one to two blanket night, overnight lows in the lower 40s to mid-30s in leesburg. 35 in winchester. then for tomorrow morning we're starting out mostly cloudy and cold. grab your jackets as temperatures will start out in the 30s and 40s. afternoon for tomorrow partial clearing, so we'll see the sun a little bit, breezy and colder. jackets needed. highs 45 to 50 degrees. so in western maryland, cumberland lower 40s, the snow showers possible in the mountains. 47 in martinsburg, around downtown 50 degrees and gaithersburg 50 degrees as well. here's a look at your next seven days. again, early snow showers possible monday morning. then tuesday, wednesday high pressure is back in control, plenty of sunshine. look at wednesday and thursday, guys, milder, back into the 60s. so we'll get to more spring- like weather in the next few days. >> annie, thanks a lot. you got a lot to talk about. >> basketball, we got all kinds
6:23 pm
of stuff. we'll start with the hoyas, will it be a double bye in next week's mid east tournament. hoyas going the hard way. it's a darned good basketball team that hauls from milwaukee, about to knock on the doors of redskins park. where's that bounty money? that's up next in sports.
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. when you have 16 teams in your like the big east, you can almost lose track of who's good and who's not. for example, you can expect connecticut, syracuse, georgetown to be good. did you know marquette is the ranked team in the country.
6:26 pm
to milwaukee we go. that hoya defense proves tough. they've held 16 opponents under 16 points with d like this. jason clark, i guess we can call him clark kent, superman. and one. but the senior didn't shoot well, just 4-14 shooting for today. how about the golden eagles' defense? crowder and wilson. marquette had 11 steals on the day. they also made the hustle plays. crowder and one. marquette scores 81 on georgetown. they win it by 12. hoyas now fifth in the big east. west virginia, some might say they're on the bubble, 18-12 at south florida. they got an rpi of 44. not a lot of offense. this was rare nylon from kevin jones, but the mountaineers only shot 29%. second half, truck bryant, check this out, a little high- arcing tear them off the window and the foul. it wasn't pretty, but west virginia getting it done. they'll take it 50-44. the atlantic 10 action, george
6:27 pm
washington in the buckeye state against dayton. this is from moon camp. why do they put cameras all the way up there? you can't even see anything. tony taylor will make that shot right there. then dayton's chris johnson comes back, he had 19. the flyers win it easily 75-59. how about the women? acc women's tournament, semifinal maryland versus wake forest. alyssa thomas, good golly, miss molly, you sure like the ball. to the end, acc player of the year. her cohort in crime, men'sy had 13-7-4, points, rebounds and assists. 73-58. they play georgia tech. nfl now, the commissioner will decide the correct punishment for greg williams and the saints in light of an investigation which revealed an illegal bounty program which williams administered while serving as defensive coordinator. that's new orleans, what about d.c.? mike jones from the "washington post" is reporting that the league will now look into the severity of the redskins' bounty program under williams
6:28 pm
when he served from '04 to '07. several redskins admitting several were paid to players for kill shots or big hits on opponents. finally, guys, do we have time? nope, we sure don't. we're going to talk about peyton manning a little bit later, that arm, it's getting a little bit better. >> he's coming to the skins. >> you want to recap? >> colder and breezy tomorrow, so bundle up. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00.
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